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We are multi Award Winning Wedding Photographer. We are specialized on human relations portrait like wedding, pre-wedding/engagement, honeymoon and family portrait. We are experienced in wedding photography industry more than 10 years.

Our passion is to build a good relationship with our clients by being part of their important moments. Capturing their happiness and emotional moments in their life with our eyes and our way is priceless. Those moments will be great memories to seen in the future.

Main Photographer Profile

Before becoming a wedding photographer, I did a few photo shoots for some major national and international magazine. Some of them are: Rolling Stone, Elle, FHM, Esquire, Go Girl, Bella Donna and a few others. I liked it but I felt that I did not belong to this kind of photography.
Then on day, a friend of mind asked me to do the photo shoot of his wedding. I really enjoyed doing the photo shoot and I realized that I fell in love with wedding photography.
Marriage is a life time commitment that I think should happen only once. I am a photographer who is married with 2 kids. I know the feeling of being in a wedding. The happiness, the love, the laugh and the new beginning of another life.
This is why I love taking photos of weddings. To see people with smiles of happiness, tears of joy and the whole day just makes me happy. It’s not because of the job, but I am happy to be a part of the weddings.
I have never seen a sad wedding ever in my life. And it should not be. It should be the happiest day of our life.
So, what could I ask more? I do what I love and people love what I do for them. In the future, while looking at their wedding pictures I take and tell the story to their kids, they will remember me. That’s what makes me feel special as a wedding photographer.

I fell in love to photography since when I was in university when it was the film era.
I love photography because I think that photography is like a time machine that can bring us to the moment when the photos were taken and memory that captured on the photos.
I like photography because I can capture important moments in people’s life especially on weddings. I am happy to see people falling in love, to see the love connection between 2 different persons. This is what I want to show on the photos I take.
I want to show their romantic moments on their romantic day, and every other moment on their important day. For me, wedding is one in a life time moment for a person and I am happy to be part of it. I want to capture every moment happens on that day. I do it because I fell in love to wedding photography.

I love capturing portraits of humanity.
I believe everyone has a story, and I love telling it through what I do best – photography.
Most people say I’m a quiet person. Well, it’s true. Silence is a gift. I prefer to let them do the talk.
By listening, I get to understand more about them and it translates to a better story for my photograph. Wedding photography is my favourite genre.
A booking is not just a job for us. We always see ourselves as the best man of the wedding.
Because we are always by their side every minute of their special day.