In the beginning of Januari 2014, Mr. Deden Saefulloh, SE, MM and Mr. I Made Dharma were invited by Mr IB. Ngurah Wijaya who is Bali Tourism Board (BTB) chairman to be the mentor and moderator at the BTB seminar to share any information about wedding industry development in Bali. The next day, the vice chairman of BTB was answering some questions from 18 wedding agents from China who were visited the BTB office on that day.

Since that seminar, Mr. IB. Ngurah Wijaya suggested Mr. Deden and friends to make a wedding association in Bali as an informant for the local government and as a legal organization specializing in wedding industry in Bali. In the same time, there’s a plan from a forum called ‘Bali Wedding Specialist’ to make a legal wedding association for the wedding vendors and wedding planners, this forum is already exist from 2012.

Mr. Deden and Mr. Made Dharma with other 50 wedding specialists had a meeting and discussion together on January 24, 2014 at Dapur Sunda about 21:16 pm, there is a representative from BTB office as well and decided to make a formal organization called “Bali Wedding Association” or BWA with temporary structure : 1 chairman, 1 vice chairman, 2 secretaries, 2 accountant, 2 public relations, 8 divisions. The 8 divisions are : florist, photographer & videographer, caterer, entertainment & equipment, bridal & make up artist, venue and wedding planner, transport and souvenir.

After the temporary structure Bali Wedding Association (BWA) is finalized, then all of them done some meetings with 3 important people in Bali tourism business, they are : Mr. Subikshu as the chairman of Tourism Department Bali, Dr. Ir. Tjokorda Gde Oka A.A. Sukawati, M.Si as the chairman of Association of Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant also the chairman of BTB to ask any suggestions and advise about the process to build BWA properly as a legal organization. The result is there will be another 3 kind of division to be added in the structure, they are : 3 founders, 3 advisers and 2 person in charge for legal division. Other than that, the result of the meetings create some changes like the number of division, from 8 divisions becomes 7 divisions, they are : Wedding Organizers, Wedding Venue, Caterer, Florist, Bridal & Make Up Artist, Entertainment & Equipment and last Photographer & Videographer. Now Bali Wedding Association is officially under Association of Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant (PHRI or Perhimpunan Hotel dan Restaurant Indonesia).

Bali Wedding Association was officially sworn by Dr. Ir. Tjokorda Gde Oka A.A. Sukawati, M.Si as the chairman of the Association of Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant which is the main organization of the Bali Wedding Association is housed in the building of BTB.

On April 30th, 2014 Bali Wedding Association had done a great event, which is the launch of Bali Wedding Association with approximate 500 to 700 guests from the wedding vendors and wedding organizers and some other guests from Bali wedding industry. The event’s held at the Taman Bhagawan Nusa Dua, Bali.

Until now, Bali Wedding Association has 57 members and actively develop the organization and done many activities such as joining seminars, attending many invitations sent to the organization and also attending some meetings with the local government. Below is the summary of Bali Wedding Association activities:

Activities of BWA



9 May 2014 Audiensi with MUDP
12 May 2014 Audiensi with Civil Registrar Badung
9 June 2014 Audiensi with New Members
11 June 2014 Audiensi with Civil Registrar Denpasar
11 June 2014 Audiensi with KUA Badung
27 June 2014 Audiensi with Catholic Church FX. Kuta
10 July 2014 Audiensi with Disparda Badung
10 July 2014 Audiensi with PHRI Badung
16 July 2014 Audiensi with Avilla Hospitality
24 July 2014 Audiensi with Excedio
6 August 2014 Audiensi with Bali Villa Association
6 August 2014 Audiensi with the Bride Story
13 August 2014 Audiensi with Soul of Sanur
13 August 2014 Audiensi with Emvee Magazine
20 August 2014 Audiensi with Immigration Office Class I Ngurah Rai  Bali
25 August 2014 Audiensi with Denpasar Mayor
3 September 2014 Audiensi with Dinas Koperasi, UKM, Perindustrian & Perdagangan Badung
8 September 2014 Audiensi with Dhayana Pura University
10 September 2014 Audiensi with Bali Hotel Association
17 September 2014 Audiensi with STPBI
23 September 2014 Audiensi with The Chief of Tourism Department, Province Bali
26 September 2014 Audiensi with Bali SPA & Wellness Association (BSWA)
26 September 2014 Flower arranging training with Bali SPA & Wellness Association

14 October 2014

Audiensi with Australian Consulate

15 October 2014

Audiensi with Russian Consulate

11 November 2014

Focus Group Discussion (FGD) dengan Dinas Pariwisata Provinsi Bali

20 November 2014

Audiensi with STP Nusa Dua Bali

20 December 2014

Wedding & Bridal Exhibition dan Seminar BWA

Invitation from Wedding Vendors and the Local Government



6 June 2014

Grand Opening of The Aquila

12 June 2014

Grand Opening of Echo Beach Villa

25 June 2014

Soft Opening of Urban Wines Cafe dan Launge

20 Agust 2014

PHRI Bali –Certification of Hotel Safety

20 Agust 2014

PHRI Badung – Tourism Promotion

21 Agust 2014

Inspection Alindra Villa Nusa Dua

29 Agust 2014

Seminar JUMPA

29 Agust 2014

Grand Opening of Berry Biz Hotel

25 September 2014

Tripa Insurance

26 September 2014

Art Festival of The Stone Hotel Legian

26 September 2014

Seminar JUMPA

26 September 2014

CHA first Graduation and ITAP launching of the STPBI

30 September 2014

Seminar World is Best Award. Masih kah Bali menjadi Favorit ? – Bali Tourism Board/GIPI Bali

8 Oktober 2014

Cultural Wonders of The Royal Pejeng Performance

31 Oktober 2014

Seminar JUMPA

31 Oktober 2014

Grand Opening Indonesia TIC Colours of Cultures

5 November 2014

TM for Grand Opening HARRIS Sunset Convention Center and Wedding & Bridal Exibition on 20 December 2014

5 November 2014

Retrofit Lamp LED Nordex for hotels

20 November 2014

The invitation of Bupati Badung

28 November 2014

Gathering Kepariwisataan with Stakeholder Pariwisata

5 December 2014

Bali Spa & Wellness Association Annual Event

6 December 2014

Seminar Nasional Pariwisata Bali: Fakta & Harapan